About Us


EcoDive NW’s mission is to train skillful divers who want to stay active in the diving community. We focus on catering the dive instruction to the students’ specific needs thereby producing safe, happy life-long divers.  As a professional educator and scientist, I take pride in our ability to communicate, educate and build safe skill sets in all levels of scuba training.

About Us


Rod is a career biologist and professional educator at both the high school and community college level.  He is an avid outdoors person who is at home in the mountains and on and under the water.  Rod began scuba diving in 1997 and earned his instructor rating in 2002. Rod is currently an Instructor trainer through NAUI.  Rod’s love of the ocean began early when he first encountered the ocean at the age of five. Since that visit, Rod has continued to enjoy participating in many water-related activities.  Rod enjoys teaching others the art and science of scuba diving, taking underwater pictures, and diving in the great Pacific Northwest and beyond. Rod has certifications to teach all levels of NAUI Scuba diving including the leadership sequence.


Jen is an administrative professional currently working at OHSU. She loves nature, photography (above and below the water) and being in the outdoors. At a young age, she began a fascination, respect, and love for the ocean. In 2010 Jen attended her first pool class toward her certification and has been hooked ever since. Once Jen was certified, she began assisting with classes. Jen enjoys teaching and helping others achieve their goals to get certified and be able to experience the amazing underwater world and all it has to offer.


Spike Schillo, raised in Asheville, NC, has worked on the water in SC, TX, CA, and AK. He received his Commercial Diving license from Ocean Corp in Houston, TX along with his Master Scuba certification.  After the move to Oregon, he set his sites on recreational dive adventures and becoming a Dive Master and instructor. He believes the meaning of scuba is to appreciate the side of our planet that most people don’t see. His dream is to combine his love of history with diving on a world dive tour of WWII wreckage. He is always planning the next dive and looks forward to sharing the experience with fellow divers.

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