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EcoDive Northwest’s mission is to train skillful divers who want to stay active in the diving community. We focus on catering the dive instruction to the students’ specific needs thereby producing safe, happy life-long divers and part of our dive family.  As a professional educator and scientist, I take pride in our ability to communicate, educate and build safe skill sets in all levels of scuba training.

Meet our Team

Rod Shroufe . Owner / NAUI Instructor / Instructor Trainer

Rod is a career biologist and professional educator at both the high school and community college level.  He is an avid outdoors person who is at home in the mountains and on and under the water.  Rod began scuba diving in 1997 and earned his instructor rating in 2002. Rod is currently an Instructor trainer through NAUI.  Rod’s love of the ocean began early when he first encountered the ocean at the age of five. Since that visit, Rod has continued to enjoy participating in many water-related activities.  Rod enjoys teaching others the art and science of scuba diving, taking underwater pictures, and diving in the great Pacific Northwest and beyond. Rod has certifications to teach all levels of NAUI Scuba diving including the leadership sequence.

Angie Shroufe . Co-Owner / Land-based Planning

Angie started her diving experience back in 1996 in Nebraska when she was planning a trip to Florida and wanted to scuba dive on the trip. In 2000, she moved to Oregon and married Rod, and they have built the EcoDiveNW business together. Her main role with EcoDive is to help with organization and to host scuba students at the Dive Right Inn House in Hoodsport by preparing meals and making sure the students have a comfortable weekend stay. She also lends a hand with shore support for first time students. She enjoys traveling to warm water destinations (especially Bonaire!) and time with her two daughters and two dogs. She is currently in her 28th year of teaching science to high school students.  

Jen Bennett . NAUI Dive Master

Jen is an administrative professional currently working at OHSU. She loves nature, photography (above and below the water) and being outdoors. At a young age Jen began a fascination, respect, and love for the ocean. In 2010 Jen attended her first pool class toward her certification and has been hooked ever since. She began assisting with classes right after her certification. Jen enjoys teaching and helping others achieve their goals to get certified and be able to experience the amazing underwater world and all it has to offer.

Mike Keyes . NAUI Dive Master in Training

Mike Keyes started his SCUBA adventure when he was 16 years old living in Salem Oregon. That was 47 years ago!  In the beginning he did most of his diving around the Northwest and in Hood Canal. Later after getting married, Mike mostly dove warm water when he traveled to tropical areas with his wife Lee.  In the summer of 2018 he met Rod and Angie Shroufe at EcoDive NW. Diving with this group has upped his game and renewed his interest in cold water diving. Mike still loves diving and sharing SCUBA with others.

Jayme Hall . NAUI Dive Master in Training

Swimming at 6 months old, before he took his first steps, Jayme was born for the water.  High school swim team, wakeboarding, surfing, and free-diving, Jayme became scuba certified in 2013 by Rod Shroufe.  Since then, he has dove the waters of both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, as well as rivers on both coasts.  After spending the first 5 years as a safety diver, Jayme is now currently a Master Diver, the highest certification as a recreational diver, and is on the road to becoming an instructor.  At 43 years young, he and his wife Amy live aboard their 56 foot yacht with their son Aiden, and plan to sail into the Gulf of Mexico to teach scuba on the islands.  With a deep love of history, his greatest diving achievement has been the discovery of a ship wreck under the waters of the Willamette River.  He successfully recovered both of the ship’s anchors and a large amount of the paddle-wheel drive chain.

Celeste Mazzacano . Safety Diver / NAUI Master Diver

Celeste is an entomologist and invertebrate ecologist. She got her open water certification with EcoDiveNW in 2018 because she needed to dive to do freshwater mussel surveys in rivers for her consulting business, and in the process, she fell in love with the ocean as well. To stay current and improve her skills, she also got her Advanced certification and is currently working on Master Diver. Celeste enjoys assisting with classes because it’s gratifying to help people overcome their uncertainty and master new diving skills, it helps her keep her own skills current, and the EcoDive crew is a fun group of people. 

 Bri Reichert  Safety Diver / NAUI Master Diver

A native of Seattle, Bri has always felt most at home when she is in or near the water. She began diving in 2018 and earned my NAUI open water certification while living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Bri moved to Portland in 2019 and received her NAUI advanced certification through EcoDiveNW. She is currently working on my Master Diver certification. There is always something new to discover under the water, and enjoy observing marine life in different environments. Bri graduated of Louisiana Tech University, and currently works in digital advertising.

Maggie Stevenson . NAUI Dive Master in Training

A senior studying Psychology at Pacific University, Maggie has always felt at home in the water as a competitive swimmer. She first started diving in September of 2018 while studying abroad in Adelaide, South Australia. Ever since that experience, she has been hooked and falling more in love with the mysteries the ocean has to offer. She found Rod through some great connections, and couldn’t be happier to be given the opportunity to keep diving in Oregon and help others experience the wonderful world of scuba! Besides diving she also enjoy anything else with water, the outdoors, traveling, singing, and teaching swim lessons.

Taylor Hamann . Safety Diver / NAUI Advanced Diver

After 20 years of thinking about it, Taylor finally took the plunge and got his open water certification in 2019. Since then, he has been assisting with pool sessions and is currently working towards his advanced certification. He was born an explorer and loves everything outdoors. His passions include hiking, camping, fishing, motorcycles, volleyball, and now underwater adventures. He has always had a fascination with the ocean and marine wildlife and looks forward to every encounter that he can have with them! He is also interested in salvage diving, deep diving, and teaching.

Faith Garishov . Safety Diver / NAUI Advanced Diver

Faith started diving with EcoDiveNW last year and at first, found scuba to be quite challenging. As the team at EcoDiveNW worked with her to get better at her skills, her ability to become a very confident diver has grown into wanting to help out with classes and share her knowledge with others. She achieves new challenges each time she dives and finds that scuba has become her favorite sport because of the beauty of the underwater and the level of physical activity involved in scuba. She has enjoyed the various warm water trips she has taken since getting certified and plans to visit more places to see different oceans and different underwater creatures. 

Cassi White . Safety Diver / NAUI Advanced Diver

Cassindra White is a former Texan who moved to Oregon in 2011. She is a mother of two wonderful children, and a girlfriend to an amazing man who also dives. She is a Patient Relations Representative for Providence Health and Services and is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Human Services from Ashford University. In her spare time she enjoys a wide variety of hobbies, including volleyball, singing, and Dungeons and Dragons. She also loves everything to do with adventure, whether it be on land, in the air, or under the water. The first thing that she loved about scuba diving was the feeling of being able to breath underwater. Her love for it grew as she experienced observing the wildlife in their natural habitat and more diving opened up a treasure trove of opportunities to explore. She now thoroughly enjoys helping students who are beginning their diving journey and plans to continue to learn and grow as a diver and as a teacher.

Lee Keyes . Best Shore and Cooking Support

Lee Keyes is married to Mike Keyes. She doesn’t scuba dive, but she does love the water and loves to swim with her dogs BJ and Rikkee. She likes hanging out with the dive team and friends because they are safe people to be around. She assists where she can when the scuba divers are getting ready to enter and exit the water as shore support and help keep track of the groups in the water. When not helping with EcoDiveNW, She loves to train and work with dogs and horses.

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