ECO-Dive NW is a NAUI Leadership Training Faclilty

NAUI Leadership training:  Where can it take you? 

Every year a graduating class leaves high school and embarks on the rest of their lives.  They make decisions about employment, starting a family, continuing education, travel and other life experiences.  For many, investing in scuba classes is a bucket list item. You should be aware as an 18 year old, or even a 28 year old, that NAUI Dive Leadership training can boost your career potential and send you on paths you might never have considered?   

NAUI has the highest training standards in the industry. NAUI trains their instructors to be teachers, mentors, and leaders.  Teachers, mentors and leaders. Think about that for a moment. Think for a minute about occupations that specifically recruit people that exhibit these qualities.  Better, try to think of an occupation where these qualities are NOT rewarded with higher pay, promotions, or increased opportunities. NAUI leadership training prepares you for any occupational goals you have and many you may not have considered.  Our training provides you with unimaginable opportunities and gives you the skills all businesses look for in their employees.   Are you ready to take the plunge? 

Please take the time to contact us for any of your questions or needs and let us show you how NAUI can take your career to the next level. 

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