NAUI’s New Look and Continuing Philosophy

There are a number of training agencies in the SCUBA certification industry.  Most people new to diving select a shop that is convenient for them to attend classes without looking at the certification agency that they represent.  NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) was America’s first underwater certification agency.  As interest in scuba and availability of scuba equipment increased in the 1950’s there became an obvious need for standards in the recreational dive industry to promote safety in this new sport.  NAUI was founded by Al Tillman and Neal Hess in 1960 as the FIRST Scuba education agency.  Today NAUI is still a dominant presence in a growing field of certification agencies.  However all of the certification agencies EXCEPT NAUI are owned by very large corporations.  NAUI is a non-profit, democratically elected entity who’s philosophy has remained unwavering: education is paramount to developing and promoting the sport. Well educated divers are safer divers, bring more people in to the sport, have fewer accidents, and dive longer.  I have been a professional educator my entire adult life.  When I switched from another certification agency to NAUI I was impressed and amazed  at their focus on teaching content and pedagogical practice.  Anyone seeking their initial certification or continuing education needs to reach out to the NAUI instructors in the area.   Recently NAUI has begun to bring a new look to their presence in the dive industry.  Check out NAUI’s new website HERE and find out why you need to pursue a NAUI education!  

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